Anderson Cooper Again Hits GOP With 'Keeping Them Honest' Report

As the Media Research Center has documented, CNN's Anderson Cooper has been targeting Republicans far more than Democrats with critical "Keeping Them Honest" investigative reports ' and Cooper ...

CNN's Erin Burnett Asks Trump About 'Smaller-Tent' Social-Issues GOP

CNN's new prime-time host Erin Burnett pressed Donald Trump about the Republican Party being a "smaller tent party" because of its conservatism on social issues.

CNN's Cooper Attacks Increasingly Popular Herman Cain with 'Keeping Them Honest' Segment

At the top of Thursday's Anderson Cooper 360, CNN's Cooper ran his first critical "Keeping Them Honest" segment on GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain since he is "no longer a voice on the fringe."

CNN to Rick Perry: Are You 'Overconfident' for Campaigning In Virginia?

CNN's Jim Acosta asked Rick Perry Wednesday if he was "a tad overconfident" for stumping in a battleground state like Virginia so early in the campaign season.

CNN Brings On Former Democratic Strategist to Analyze GOP Victory in NY-9

For analysis of the special election in New York's 9th Congressional District, CNN hosted Hilary Rosen ' a former Democratic strategist and former interim head of the Human Rights Campaign, a ...

A Tale of Two Interviews: CNN's Morgan Shows Contempt for Tea Party

In two separate interviews of Republican presidential candidates, CNN's Piers Morgan exhibited an obvious contempt of Tea Party politics as well as a double standard toward moderate and ...

CNN's Romans Scolds Dissenting Republicans: 'I'll Tell You Why They're Vilified'

CNN's American Morning co-hosts tried to lecture those opposed to voting to raise the debt ceiling on the error of their ways on Friday morning. When a guest GOP congressman tried to explain why ...

Anderson Cooper Cherry Picks Poll Info to Disgrace Republicans

In a critical "Keeping Them Honest" segment Wednesday night, CNN's Anderson Cooper selectively reported findings from his network's own poll to bolster his argument that Republicans are ...

GOP's 'Cut, Cap and Balance' Mostly Just Cut By Media

Republican budget plan only mentioned by name in 10 percent of stories.

GOP Guest Informs CNN of Its Own Poll Results

Rep. Tom Graves (R-Ga.) twice told CNN's John King Thursday night the results of CNN's own poll showing Americans favor a Cut, Cap, and Balance plan. King would not affirm his claims and instead ...
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