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NBC: Gore Vidal 'Unquestionably Brilliant'; William F. Buckley 'Paid Dearly for Some of His Words'

In a glowing tribute to radical left-wing commentator Gore Vidal on Wednesday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams could barely contain his adoration for the "prolific writer" who was ...
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CBS Applies Multiple Ideological Tags to Ted Cruz But Refuses to Label Gore Vidal

“A conservative Republican was beaten by an even more conservative Tea Party candidate,” CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley announced Wednesday night in reporting Ted Cruz’s victory in ...
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Nets Sing Praises of 'Brilliant' and 'Witty' Gore Vidal; Omit His Left Wing Ideology

The Big Three networks enthusiastically paid tribute to leftist author Gore Vidal on their Wednesday morning newscasts, but not one mentioned his political ideology. NBC's Today devoted two briefs ...
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