Hostile Profile of Conservative FL Gov. Rick Scott, 'Political Novice' With 'Go-It-Alone Style'

A hostile profile of conservative Florida Gov. Rick Scott faults him for not being liked by his own party. Yet the Times celebrated liberal Republican Gov. Charlie Crist for the same thing: "Rick ...

In Florida, 'Far Right' Is 'Hounding' GOP To Back Conservatives

Reporter Kate Zernike, previously known for ardent defenses of failed presidential candidate John Kerry, finds that moderate Florida Republican Gov. Charlie Crist has become, as a front-page ...

Deborah Solomon's Double Standards

A moderate Republican had his tan mocked and was goaded into sniping at his party, while a moderate Democrat was praised for his military valor and being an "unusually gifted stylist."

'Centrist" Fla Gov. Charlie Crist Now "Chain-Gang Charlie"

Adam Nagourney felt obliged to make moderate Republican Gov. Charlie Crist, a possible McCain Veep pick, into a hard-line, law-and-order conservative.
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