No Squeamish Urban Liberals Here: Times Readers Up in Arms About Women Bearing Arms

The Times' liberal readership rises up in resentment about pictures of handguns for women: "9 accused us of glamorizing violence and guns....4 suggested we were pandering to N.R.A.-member readers...."

ABC: Firearm Friendly Sarah Palin Locks and Loads Voters in Wyoming

Good Morning America reporter uses liberal group's statistics to wave the pro-gun control flag.

DC Flouts Supreme Court on Guns, as Washington Post Advised

Progressive values trump Constitutional rights in certain journalistic circles.

CBS Lashes Out at Pro-Gun Rights Ruling

A Sunday Morning reporter confronts the lawyer who won the Supreme Court case, and a commentator blasts the decision.

CMI Urges Media Not to Fire from the Hip on Gun Ruling

Will journalists pack their stories with anti-gun zealots, or report the story with objectivity and balance?
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