On Today Show Leftist Rails: Are We Gonna Be 'Bullied' by Right Wing Media Which Peddles Fear?

NBC's Matt Lauer brought on two liberals, former Democratic Congressman Harold Ford Jr. and Katrina Vanden Heuvel, publisher and editor of the leftist The Nation magazine, on Friday's Today show, ...

CBS's Smith: Is Cheney Criticism of Obama 'Theater' or 'Real'?

On Monday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith wondered if there was any credibility to Dick Cheney's criticism of the Obama administration's handling of the Christmas Day bomber: "...the point ...

Good News for Dems in South: Voters May Overcome Their Racism

Adam Nossiter: "At one level, Mr. Ford's loss to the Republican, Bob Corker, was simply a reiteration of an ancient reality for Democrats in the South: black candidates in statewide races are ...

Willie Horton Redux: GOP "Stoke[s] Subliminal Racist Fears" in Tennessee

Alessandra Stanley writes that an RNC ad mocking Harold Ford Jr. is "seen as racist" and that the GOP "tried to stoke subliminal racist fears with the infamous Willie Horton ad...."

Ad Mocking Harold Ford "A Racist Appeal to Tennessee Voters"

"The ad, resonating with the miscegenation taboos of Old South politics, may or may not be the nadir in the low-blow salvos now assailing the nation."
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