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Harvey Weinstein's P.C. Oscar Campaign

The Oscars aren't so much about art, but about hard-fought political campaigns, and nobody is more legendary in that field than Harvey Weinstein. Now he's pressing Oscar voters to check a box for ...
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Pop-Culture Titans Bow to the Pope?

The aura around Pope Francis is being used by the Left to absolve themselves of charges of anti-Catholicism or being soft on terrorism.
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Piers Morgan Whines to Ann Coulter: 'Pro-Gun Side' Won't 'Relent' Even After 35 School Shootings

Piers Morgan sparred with Ann Coulter on his Wednesday CNN show over Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein's vow to target the NRA in an upcoming movie and over the lack of new gun control ...
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Evil Irish Nun Movies for Christmas

There goes Harvey Weinstein again, making another harshly anti-Catholic movie just in time to ruin someone's holiday season. He knows how to be a bully.
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Harvey Weinstein Says on CNN 'Obama's Not Embarrassing; the Country Is Embarrassing'

On Friday night's Piers Morgan Live, Obama donor Harvey Weinstein excused President Obama's insurance lie as a "mistake" and said that America is "embarrassing," not President Obama. "[T]his is ...
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Putting the Bull in "Bully"

There's a dishonest campaign afoot to suggest giving an "R" rating to the documentary "Bully" means children under 17 are banned from the theater, period.
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