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Gay Rights Movement Threatens Businesses

Venues, bakers and florists on receiving end of hate, harassment and lawsuits for holding to religious convictions; networks say little.
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HuffPo Live Links Fox News, Dobbs with ‘Right Wing Patriot Groups’

Southern Poverty Law Center spokesman and other liberals demonize conservatives.
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Hate and Bile: Left-Wing Attacks on Women Get Little Press

Violent, sexual language, crude epithets, even death wishes – conservative women get the worst in liberals. 

MSNBC Screamer Ed Schultz Decries Fox News as Inflammatory

On Monday's show, MSNBC shouter Ed Schultz pointed his finger (literally) at Fox News for supposedly inciting its audience to "think that doing something radical is the right thing to do," but ...

Law Center Designates Conservative Pro-Family Organizations 'Hate Groups'

Family Research Council listed alongside KKK, Nazi Party.

The Real Radio Hatemongers

Leftists say outrageous things on the radio routinely, and those remarks never see the light of day on ABC, CBS, and NBC. The Media Research Center has a new report chronicling who the real radio ...

Alternet: Christians are the Real Haters

According to Frank Schaeffer, evangelical Christianity is to blame for anti-Obama racism.

Company on Decision to Pull Ads from Beck TV Show: 'We Do Not Want to be Associated with Hateful Speech'

Sargento vice president of Corporate Communications & Government Relations says pulling advertising not based on political affiliation, but speech.

Liberals Cash in on Their Own Brand of Hate

Journalists decry conservative 'anger,' but left has turned venom into big business.
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