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Surprise: NYT's Coverage of New Obama Immigration Policy Utterly Slanted Toward Amnesty

The New York Times' coverage of Obama's amnesty announcement was typically loaded toward the side of illegal immigrants, and barely addressed conservative concerns about employment and the rule of ...
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NYT's Stelter Reports Media's Support for Gay Marriage, as His Paper Displays It

Is there only one correct stand to take on gay rights? Reporters Helene Cooper and Jeremy Peters confirm media admission that they are universally supportive of gay marriage: "Justice Lewis Powell ...
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Cooper's Lede on Obama's Anti-Romney Attacks: 'So Long, Flip-Flopper. Hello, Right-Wing Extremist'

New York Times reporter Helene Cooper seemed comfortable broadcasting broad anti-Romney insults: "So long, flip-flopper. Hello, right-wing extremist. Mitt Romney may be inclined to start ...
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NY Times Hypes Boast: Obama Strongest Foreign-Policy Democrat 'In Recent Memory'

The New York Times: Newspaper or a pro-Obama bulletin board? In "Obama Seizes National Security as An Issue," reporter Helene Cooper promoted the Democrats as much tougher on foreign policy ...
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NYTimes Still Promoting Leftist Doves at J Street as 'Pro-Israel'

Helene Cooper imagines "divisions" within the Jewish community over attacking Iran's nuclear weapons program, using a left-wing Israeli organization the Times has desperately tried to built up as ...
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