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CBS Reveals 'Major Task' Remains of Creating ObamaCare Infrastructure; ABC, NBC Censor

Wednesday's CBS This Morning stood out as the only Big Three morning show to spotlight Henry Chao's stunning revelation to Congress – that a significant portion of the I.T. infrastructure needed ...
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CBS Spotlights House GOP Hammering ObamaCare Managers; ABC, NBC Minimize

On Wednesday's CBS Evening News, Nancy Cordes zeroed in on the three Republican congressmen who grilled top administration officials during a hearing on ObamaCare, ballyhooing that "none of them ...
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CBS: Obama White House Knew of Website's 'Limitless' Security Risks Before Launch

Sharyl Attkisson revealed on Monday's CBS Evening News that the Obama administration had prior knowledge of HealthCare.gov's numerous security flaws, but went ahead anyway with its October 1, 2013 ...
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