NPR Slants Towards Democrats By 5-2 Margin in Report on Nuclear Energy

NPR's Scott Horsley favored Democrats over Republicans by a five-to-two margin on Thursday's Morning Edition. Horsley played soundbites or quoted from Obama administration officials or ...

Dr. Waxman's Miracle Cure-All & Tonic

More evidence that liberals suffer from enlarged ego syndrome.

WaPo Editor Compares 'Most Effective' Henry Waxman to Ted Williams, King David

Washington Post associated editor Robert Kaiser reviewed a new book by ultraliberal Rep. Henry Waxman, lauding the legislator as comparable to baseball star Ted Williams and biblical hero King ...

House Bill Would Allow 'Victims' to Sue Private Companies, Government for Global Warming

FNC's 'Fox & Friends' warns of the chilling effect from vague language that could allow anti-pollution litigation for headaches to cancer.
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