Times Whines That 'Partisans Adopt Deceit As a Tactic,' Ignore Hidden Camera Hoaxes By NPR, ABC

Times media reporter Jeremy Peters falsely implies that journalistic stunts like the one conservative James O'Keefe pulled against liberal National Public Radio were rare in the mainstream media ...

Finally: An ACORN Story Sprouts in Print!

Scott Shane overplays the ideological angle, showing "the right" as "gleeful" in claiming its "latest scalp," as opposed to outrage over a tax-funded leftist organization encouraging tax evasion ...

Amazing: Times Still Almost Totally Ignores ACORN Scandals

Scandals involving child prostitution results in ACORN losing its partnership agreement with the Census Bureau and the Senate cutting off access to federal housing funds. Yet Times reporters have ...

ABC Hit Piece Again Mischaracterizes AIG Gathering

'Good Morning America' hidden camera caught executives 'living high on the hog' at a junket that wasn't.
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