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Target Promotes Hip-Hop ‘Rape Song’

Store ‘can’t wait’ for Robin Thicke’s raunchy, misogynistic album.  
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Kanye West: ‘Mitt Romney Don’t Pay No Tax’

Song on new album ‘Cruel Summer’ repeats 'totally unsubstantiated rumor.' 
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Singer Lupe Fiasco Decries Use of Word ‘Bi**h’; Attacked by Critics, Fellow Rapper

‘Bi**h Bad’ song slammed as ‘mansplaining,’ ‘demeaning hierarchy of women.’
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MSNBC Host Pushes Rap Song Celebrating Death of Reagan

‘The Cycle’ host Toure tweets approval of Killer Mike’s ‘Reagan,’ which says, ‘Glad Reagan Dead.’

Only CBS Covers Rap Mogul's Call to Clean Up Lyrics

Couric acknowledges that the call to remove offensive words from rap music is a question of social responsibility, not censorship.
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