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Jewish Journalist Labeled Climate ‘Denier’ for His Reporting, Compared to Hitler

David Rose says online commenters urged his children to kill him, leaked his personal info on Twitter.
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Chris Matthews Compares Bush's 'Aggressive' Iraq War to Nazis on Trial at Nuremberg

Nazis are fast becoming the favorite slur of the hosts on MSNBC. Chris Matthews last Friday compared the "aggressive" push for war in Iraq to what lead to the prosecution of war criminals at the ...

Maxim Editor Compares 'Crazy' Bachmann to Hitler, Hussein and Bin Laden

Joe Levy suggests rapper Kanye West could have also compared himself to the Minnesota Congresswoman.

Krugman's Hypocrisy: GOP Should Be Shunned for Comparing Dems to Hitler...

but in an April column, Krugman compared Rush Limbaugh to Joseph Stalin.

German Director to Stage America-Bashing Opera on Set Depicting 9/11 Ruins

Naked actors wearing only Mickey Mouse masks will represent penniless 'victims of capitalism.'

Move On? Let's Not

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