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HuffPo: ‘We Can Have Morally Good Abortions’

Lefty minister says ‘To restrict a woman’s choice is to refuse her soul freedom.’
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ABC: Be Careful About Working for Christians

Biased Hobby Lobby report didn’t disclose lefty expert’s ties to case.
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Pesky Facts! WaPo Misleads on Public Opinion of Contraception Mandate

'The Fix' ignores inconvenient new polling to defend ObamaCare.
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Bill Keller Snidely Takes on Hobby Lobby's Challenge to Obama-Care, With Parting Shot at Religion

Former New York Times editor in chief Bill Keller snidely took on the Christian family who runs Hobby Lobby, which is resisting on religious grounds the contraceptive mandate in Obama-care. ...
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Networks Nearly Mum on Hobby Lobby’s Religious Freedom Suit

Finally, an Obama victory the broadcast networks aren’t celebrating.
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