ABC's Diane Sawyer Promotes 'Change Agent' Arianna Huffington and Her 'Innovative Solutions'

ABC's Diane Sawyer gave Arianna Huffington a rare gift on Tuesday night: An entire World News segment devoted to promoting the left-winger's new book and her Huffington Post site. Sawyer ...

Living Under a Rock? ABC, NBC Dumbfounded by Housing Market Decline

CBS alone in questioning GSEs over the 'disaster.'

Holy Sacred Cows! USA Today Reporter Takes on GSEs

Paul Wiseman breaks media taboo and highlights GSEs as 'No.1 problem' with housing market.

ABCNews.com Credits Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac for 'Propping Up' Housing Market

Story claims housing sector 'would be in worse shape' without GSEs, omit potential $1 trillion cost to taxpayers.

Media-Backed Obama Mortgage Program Flops

Broadcast networks supported homeowner bailout even as 'hiccups' in system were exposed.

'Today' Sees 'Help' in White House Remedy for Foreclosures

Discussion of federal home assistance expansion ignores failure of the existing government program, excludes free-market possibilities.

CNBC's Jim Cramer Challenges 'Infuriating' Pessimistic Media 'Bias'

'Mad Money' host argues the ticker tells a different story than what is being told in the news media about the economy.

After Health Care Reform?

Why should Obama stop at healthcare? There are plenty more aspects of American lifehe can tax, regulate and confiscate.

Why Is Edmund Andrews Still Writing About Mortgages?

Reporter Edmund Andrews, who wrote a misleading book about his own personal mortgage crisis, writes a misleading article on a proposed new consumer protection agency that would...help people ...

Finally, CNN and NY Times Find Some Good News in Housing Slump

Real state bust is a boon for some first-time buyers.
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