CBS Pushes Liberal Talking Point About Tea Party 'Downgrade'

On Monday's Early Show, CBS's Norah O'Donnell promoted the left-of-center talking point that Standard & Poor's recent lowering of the U.S.'s credit rating is a "Tea Party downgrade." O'Donnell ...

Anti-Mosque Protesters Guilty of Fomenting Muslim Extremism, Says the NYT

Scott Shane raises the stakes, accusing Newt Gingrich and others of fomenting radicalism overseas by their opposition to the building of a mosque close to Ground Zero.

CBS's Smith: Some Are 'One Medical Catastrophe Away From Bankruptcy'

Speaking to former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean on Friday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith urged Republicans and Democrats to quickly pass some form of health care ...

Dean and Skinner: Mass. Vote Close Because Health Care Bill Lacks Public Option

Former Vt. Gov. and a liberal radio host tell CNBC's Kudlow U.S. is 'center-left'; Wall Street should want government plan.

Dr. Dean's Admitted Socialism

Socialists unmask themselves and the media pretend not to notice.

Worried Lauer Pushes Howard Dean from the Left on Health Care Reform

NBC's Matt Lauer opened Monday's Today show worrying about the possible loss of a public option in Barack Obama's health care reform as he teased viewers at the start of the show: "Reining it in. ...

'Experts' Ignore CNBC's Leftward Tilt as Cause for Ratings Drop

Cable business network ratings are down 28 percent versus a year ago, after making an effort to include more liberals like Huffington, Dean.

Dean: Low-Income People Hurt by Cap-and-Tax Will Recoup Cost with Less Asthma Emergency Room Visits

CNBC contributor claims the low-ball figure of $40 a year lost by low-income households due to cap-and-trade will be made up with lower medical costs.

Howard Dean: Part-Time CNBC Contributor, Part-Time MoveOn.Org Activist

Former Democratic presidential candidate using left-wing group to campaign for Obama while employed by CNBC.

Liberals Complain, CNBC Caves In

Business network goes from inspiring anti-tax 'tea parties' to adding left-wingers like Dean, Huffington.
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