Network Morning Shows Unanimously Gush Over Larry King

The morning programs of the Big Three networks all sang the praises of CNN host Larry King after he announced on Tuesday his upcoming retirement from his program, while overlooking his liberal ...

Reporters Still Buying That Wright Mess Was Obama's Finest Hour

The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz found it amazing Barack Obama was portrayed so well in background quotes provided by Obama's own aides to the authors of 'Game Change.' Kurtz credibly recounted ...

CNN's Kurtz: 'Stunning Lapse in Judgment' for CNN to Ignore Baucus Scandal, CBS's Reid Sees 'No Scandal'

On Sunday's Reliable Sources, CNN's Howard Kurtz brought up the scarcity of media attention paid to the revelation that high-profile Democratic Senator Max Baucus nominated his girlfriend to be a ...

Liberal Pedigree Smooths Quick Rise in Washington Press Corps

From liberal Democrat Howard Dean to top editor of the magazine which proclaims it has "The Website Washington Lives By." The "preppy-looking 28-year-old" Garrett Graff "has eased his way up the ...

Kurtz Points Out: Two Democrats Vie for GMA Slot

In the midst of all the elite upset over FNC's supposedly over-the-top opposition to President Obama, Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz pointed out that the apparent two finalists to ...

White House Official Still Contradicts Obama's Statements on Health Care

Former ABC journalist Linda Douglass claims president's earlier comments about single-payer health care plan taken out of context.

Are Black Female Reporters In The Tank for Michelle? 'Fabulously'

Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz reported Thursday on black females on the Michelle Obama beat, and whether their shared race and gender produces gauzier coverage. "Indeed, most write ...

Sawyer Defends ABC Health Care Special: 'It is Not an Infomercial'

'Good Morning America' co-host defends special on CNN; calls health care the most important issue.

Gainor's Testimony on 'A New Age' for Newspapers

Newspapers are a dying breed because of technology and disappearance of neutrality in reporting.

Obama's Media Strategy: 'Pick the Target, Freeze It, Personalize It and Polarize It'

New administration embraces direct response approach to addressing critics in the press, ginning up friendly media and net roots.
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