Wow: Times Actually Compares Obama's Oil Spill Response to Bush-Katrina

The Times chides Obama in two stories and an editorial on Saturday for his administration's dilatory response to the oil spill in the Gulf.

Newsweek Top 10 List Leads With Bill Maher Article Trashing Bush Katrina Policy

Newsweek's 20/10 Project has a list of the Decade's Worst Tactical Blunders. It might not be a shock that Newsweek decided three of the top four were made by Team Bush. What might be surprising ...

Charity: The Untold Story of Katrina

Media ignored kindness of American people in favor of propagating myths about the storm that destroyed New Orleans.

Never-Ending Katrina Bias

Four years after the hurricane, the networks are still trashing the federal government for failing people who still live in federal trailers. None of them can manage to wonder when these "victims" ...

On Anniversary of Katrina, ABC's Bill Weir Hits Bush for 'Tainted' Legacy Over Storm

On Sunday's "Good Morning America," weekend host Bill Weir highlighted the fourth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and insisted that the storm "really tainted the Bush legacy." The GMA anchor ...

Sanchez and Slater Agree Bush 'Presided Over a Reign of Bullies'

CNN anchor Rick Sanchez and Dallas Morning News political writer Wayne Slater agreed on Tuesday's Newsroom program that former President George W. Bush appeared to be "controlled by a bunch of ...

Times Still Using Hurricane Katrina to Victimize Bush

"Try as he might, President Bush cannot escape the haunting memory of Hurricane Katrina." Not if the Times has anything to say about it, anyway.

John McCain "Awkward" in N.O. About His "More Privileged Past"

Elisabeth Bumiller characterized McCain's tour of the Ninth Ward of New Orleans in starkly cynical terms: "Mr. McCain, who was on the fourth day of a tour of America's 'forgotten places' to try to ...

Finally Times Gets Katrina Coverage (Half) Right

"There is no doubt that state and local officials were partly to blame for the slow and inefficient response to Hurricane Katrina." But the Times doubted it for years, focusing all the blame on ...

NYT Lead Editorial: Rove Can't Dance

Liberal drama critic (turned political columnist) Frank Rich would be proud of Sunday's lead editorial, "The Rovian Era."
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