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Washington Post Thinks School Vouchers are a ‘Bad Idea’

WaPo blogger fails to consider that parents may know better than Washington bureaucrats.
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All Three Networks Hype 'Controversial' GOP Senate Candidate and His 'Ties' to Romney

All three morning shows on Wednesday touted White House talking points linking Mitt Romney to a Republican Senate candidate in Indiana who, while speaking about "the horrible situation of ...

Indiana Dems 'Giddy' Over Senate Race Against 'Unwavering Conservative' Richard Mourdock, Claims NYTimes

Times reporters Monica Davey and Trip Gabriel hype a Democrat's chances against a Tea Party Senate candidate in Indiana: "Democratic leaders, who had doubted their odds against Mr. Lugar, a ...

Moderate Sen. Lugar's Struggles With Tea Party Mark 'Identity Crisis' in GOP?

The paper's slanted Tea Party reporter Kate Zernike profiles one of the paper's favorite Republicans, Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana: "A Rhodes scholar and a former Navy officer, Mr. Lugar has ...

MSNBC: Indiana Cutting Planned Parenthood Funding = 'Politics' Interfering in 'Women's Health'

During the 11AM ET hour on MSNBC on Tuesday, anchor Thomas Roberts decried Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels voicing support for legislation to de-fund the state chapter of Planned Parenthood as "a ...

Book Highlights Economic Recovery Without Government Help

'No Thank You, Mr. President': Elkhart County not a victim, but an example of triumph

Darn That 'Unyielding Partisanship' Making 'Centrist' Dem Evan Bayh Retire

Reporter Adam Nagourney nodded along to the Democratic-friendly idea that "centrist" Democratic Sen. Evan Bayh's retirement was about "unyielding partisanship" in Congress, not the grim prospects ...

Obama's Problem: He's Too Reaganesque

Snark: Obama borrowed "from a leader who talked a great deal about sunny days but very little about the budget deficits and debt that flowed from his policies."

On Crucial Primary Day, the Times Definitely Tilts Toward Obama

Sarcastically criticizing Hillary, the Times unleashes its inner Republican: "She raises eyebrows and arms in exaggerated indignation. Students who take jobs they do not particularly want after ...

News Flash: Artsy Indianapolis Liberals Still Like Obama

Monica Davey pitted "artsy" Indianapolis folks vs. "less cosmopolitan" hicks who don't want to vote for a black.
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