NYT Goes Label-Crazy on 'Conservatives' in 2012, But in 2008 Dems Were Only 'Populist'

The Times used the word "conservative" 12 times in a campaign story from New Hampshire, but in 2008 reporter Michael Powell called Michael Dukakis a "pragmatist" and ultra-liberal politicians John ...

NBC's Brokaw Touts 'Moderate' Iowan Standing Up to 'Hardline' GOP

On Tuesday's NBC Nightly News, correspondent Tom Brokaw asked Perry, Iowa resident Eddie Diaz: "Were you accepted right away by the community?" Brokaw explained: "Diaz is a Perry high school ...

NBC Gives Platform to Professor Who Called Iowans 'Meth Addicts' and 'Elderly Waiting to Die'

Following correspondent Andrea Mitchell referring to Iowa as "Too white, too evangelical, too rural" on Sunday's NBC Nightly News, on Monday's Rock Center, correspondent Willie Geist spoke to ...

'Conservative' Christian Labeling Overdose in Iowa

Conservative, you say? Susan Saulny reports from Des Moines: "Bob Vander Plaats, president of the Family Leader, a conservative advocacy group popular with evangelical Christians here, has been ...

Washington Post Ties Iowa Protester to Violence, Even Though He Wasn't

Eli Saslow follows health care protester, links tea party and conservative protests to violence.

Same Old Slant: "Angry" Conservatives Attacking Poor Sen. Grassley on Health

In Jackie Calmes' slanted take, angry conservatives are unfairly blasting Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa for being too amenable to Obama-care, especially "socially conservative ideologues who have ...

ABC, NBC Claim Link between Iowa Floods and Global Warming

Networks cite NOAA scientist making flood and climate change connection, although he's been making those claims for 13 years.

Times Still Using Hurricane Katrina to Victimize Bush

"Try as he might, President Bush cannot escape the haunting memory of Hurricane Katrina." Not if the Times has anything to say about it, anyway.

ElectionWatch: Media Ignore, Misreport 'FairTax' amid Huckabee Surge

When reporters aren't completely ignoring the proposal to overhaul the U.S. tax system, they're dismissing or mischaracterizing the FairTax.

"Belligerent Side" of Giuliani Under Wraps in Iowa

The Times waits for Giuliani to show his true colors in Iowa: "There was no sign of the belligerent side of Mr. Giuliani so familiar to New Yorkers...."
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