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NYT's Bronner Laments 'There Was No Criticism of Israel', While Kershner Whines About Romney Support There

Where was the criticism of Israel? That was the plaint from the Times former Jerusalem bureau chief Ethan Bronner in his review of Monday's presidential debate on foreign policy: "And there was no ...
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New York Times Again Runs Bad Headline Calling Netanyahu a Failure

The headline over Isabel Kershner's story on conservative Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's frosty dealings with Barack Obama: 'Israelis Fear Fallout From Netanyahu’s Blunt Comments." Kershner ...
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PLO Terrorist Yassir Arafat Just a 'Father Figure of Palestinian Nationalism,' Says New York Times

Deceased Palestinian Authority leader Yassir Arafat, who presided over a five-year Intifada against Israeli citizens, is not a terrorist according to the New York Times, merely a leader who left a ...
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