Twice Omitting Obama from Headline to Embarrassing Insults of Netanyahu

But exactly who was French President Sarkozy talking to? "In Overheard Comments, Sarkozy Calls Netanyahu a 'Liar.'" and "Romney on Israel, Intentionally."

NYT's Middle East Morality: Israel Border Defense Makes Front Page, Mass Syrian Massacres on A-12

While Israel's armed response to the attempted invasion on its border with Syria made Monday's front page, Syrian authorities themselves have slaughtered over 1,000 of its rebelling citizens, ...

Times Celebrates Murdered Pro-Hamas Activist on Front Page, Almost Ignores Young Hamas Victim

"For Vittorio Arrigoni, an Italian pro-Palestinian activist who friends said fought peacefully for justice, the end was as violent as it was incongruous....Mr. Arrigoni had dedicated his life to ...

Send Adjectives to Israel!

Jerusalem-based reporter Isabel Kershner is running out of things to call conservative Israeli protesters.

NYT Promotes Leftist Whining of 'Rights' Groups 'Harassed' and Repressed by 'Ultra-Zionists' in Israel

More anti-Israel double standards: Reporter Isabel Kershner's sympathetic story about unlabeled leftwing "rights" groups allegedly being "harassed" by conservatives, the Israeli government and an ...

Times Soft-Pedals Palestinian Conference Paying Paranoid Tribute to Terrorist Arafat

A Times photo caption pays nauseating tribute to terrorist Yasir Arafat, the subject of a Fatah conference in Bethlehem: "A mural of Yasir Arafat smiled upon Gaza City, and his spirit dominated ...

Israel "Finally" Coming Around "Grudgingly" to Palestinian State

Israel not giving in to demands for Palestinian statehood quick enough for Times reporter Isabel Kershner.

Times Again Reveals Its Political Stripes in Israel Coverage

NYT Executive Editor Bill Keller warned last week that the use of terms like "right-wing" when reporting on Israel could indicate a slanted report. So why does the phrase keep cropping up on its ...

"Hardline," "Far-Right-Wing Government" on Rise in Israel

Isabel Kershner takes the political temperature in Jerusalem after the incursion into Gaza, and seems displeased with the results.

Leaving Out Israel's Side of the Story

As Israel's incursion into Gaza continued, a headline in Wednesday's print edition left no room for doubt who was to blame for a tragic loss of civilian life.
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