CBS: Israeli Archeological Dig 'Indoctrination' for Expanding 'Jewish Encroachment'

On Sunday's 60 Minutes, CBS correspondent Lesley Stahl fretted over the possible expansion of Israeli settlements near an important archeological site in Jerusalem: "So archeology is being used as ...

J Street Co-Founder Calls Creation of Israel 'An Act that was Wrong'

Liberal 'pro-Israel' group gets caught in another lie, lashes out at 'right-wing blogs.'

Journos Slam Liberal 'Pro-Israel' Group for Lying About Soros Money

J Street misled media on ties to Soros for years.

CBS's Couric to Netanyahu: 'Should You Be More Strongly Advocating' on Obama's Behalf?

In an interview with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday, CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric noted President Obama's unpopularity in Israel and pressed Netanyahu to remedy ...

Schaeffer: 'Nuttiest' Evangelicals Support Israel

HuffPo blogger says 'harebrained ideas of biblical prophecy' mean Christians favor death of innocent children.

ABC's George Stephanopoulos Hectors Netanyahu, Saddles Israel With Responsibility for Peace

Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos on Wednesday repeatedly berated Benjamin Netanyahu as to what the Israeli Prime Minister will do for the peace process. Focusing almost entirely on ...

MSNBC Anchors in 'Anguish' Over Helen Thomas Retirement

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd, and Savannah Guthrie were in "anguish" on the June 8 "The Daily Rundown" program over the forced retirement of Helen Thomas, yet showed little sympathy for the ...

Network news programs still bashing Israel over flotilla incident

Media give more time top pro-Palestinian arguments, ignore 'activist' ties to terrorist organizations. Equates Helen Thomas to Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity

'Broadsheet' columnist Anna Clark blames White House press room fixture's downfall on ageism and sexism.
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