FNC's Craig Rivera: Is Oil Spill Our 'Avatar?'

Fox News Channel's Craig Rivera, on Sunday's Geraldo At Large, in a shipboard interview from the Gulf of Mexico, actually asked a conservationist if the oil spill there was a real world equivalent ...

Matthews Urges James Cameron to Trash 'Dangerous' Global Warming Deniers in 'Right Wing Media'

Chris Matthews spent an entire segment of Monday's Hardball sucking up to director James Cameron as the MSNBC host prodded the "Avatar" director to trash those in the "right wing media" who deny ...

Times Celebrates James Cameron As Hero of Indigenous People on Front Page

The creator of "Avatar," which the Times calls "his epic tale of greed versus nature," is saving the indigenous people in Brazil, and threatens - um, promises, a sequel.

Vieira Aids James Cameron in Whitewashing Anti-Military 'Avatar'

Director/producer James Cameron was invited on the Today show Wednesday, for a second time, to promote his movie Avatar (as if the top grossing movie of all-time really needed it). Co-host ...

On Today: James Cameron Reveals Liberal Propaganda in Avatar

Prompted by NBC's Meredith Vieira, on Monday's Today show, Avatar director James Cameron revealed the liberal undertones in his new blockbuster as he told the Today co-anchor the plot centers on ...

Bozell, Knight Call on Discovery Channel to Drop 'Documentary' on Jesus Tomb

Isn't the Discovery Channel supposed to be non-fiction?
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