Former and Current Dems Stephanopoulos and Carville Tout Passing Health Care Bill as Only Option

Former Democratic aide turned journalist George Stephanopoulos interviewed current Democratic operative James Carville on Monday's Good Morning America. The two good friends agreed that Democrats ...

ABC Highlights Democrat James Carville to Tout Brilliance, Sexiness of George Stephanopoulos

On Monday's Good Morning America, ABC featured Democratic aide James Carville to sing the praises of former Democratic aide George Stephanopoulos, now the co-host of the ABC program. Carville ...

ABC Features James Carville to Tout Theory of 40 Years of Dem Rule

ABC's Good Morning America, which has yet to interview talk show host Mark Levin about his best selling book on conservatism, featured James Carville on Monday to promote '40 More Years: How the ...

Carville Bashes Dem Convention Offering 'No Message'

Former Clinton aide and CNN contributor says party is ignoring recession, health care, energy.

ElectionWatch: 'Nightly News' Recycles 'It's the Economy Stupid'

NBC report looks to government policy for economic solutions, ignores what's good about the economy.
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