Oops: Biden Never Supported the Partition of Iraq?

"Mr. Galbraith's influential view that Iraq should be broken up along ethnic lines is considered offensive to many Iraqis' nationalism. Mr. Biden and Mr. Kerry, who have been influenced by Mr. ...

Who Surrendered in Basra, Anyway?

Radical Shiite cleric Moktada Sadr's troops vanished from Basra under fire from the Iraqi army - but the Times and the rest of the media declare Prime Minister Maliki the big loser.

Dismissing the Surge's Success

James Glanz: "But another oversight official, Joseph A. Christoff...said some measures of what some see as progress in Iraq were not as clear-cut as they might seem."

Reporter Lectures Maliki for Criticizing Hillary, Buries Good News from Iraq

James Glanz: "But Mr. Maliki appeared to reach a new level of stridency with his reply to Senator Clinton, of New York, and Senator Levin, of Michigan."
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