ABC and NBC Refuse to ID Party of Mobster's Brother, 'Celebrated Star of Massachusetts Politics'

The ABC and NBC evening newscasts have focused stories on Billy Bulger, the long-time Massachusetts Democratic political hack who is the younger brother of just-captured reputed mass-murdering ...

NBC Sympathizes with Disgraced IMF Chief, Promotes Conspiracy Theory He Was 'Set Up'

While reporting on the sexual assault case against International Monetary Fund Chairman Dominique Strauss-Kahn on Tuesday's Today, NBC correspondent Jeff Rossen noted how the would-be Socialist ...

NY Daily News Reporter Touts Online Poll That 70% of New Yorkers Think Mosque Opposition Based on 'Hatred'

Appearing in the 2:00PM ET hour on MSNBC, New York Daily News reporter Samuel Goldsmith cited a poll featured on the paper's website, about opposition to the Ground Zero mosque: "[it] shows that ...

Another Recession Indicator: NBC Blames Drop in Medical Services on Economy

'Nightly News' correlates fewer prescriptions and drop in doctor's appointments with beleaguered economy.
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