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More Sympathy for Hagel in NY Times; GOP 'Further Strain Partisan Tensions' by Unprecedented (?) Filibuster

Boo hoos on Chuck Hagel's delayed nomination from Times reporter Jeremy Peters: "Senate Republicans on Thursday blocked President Obama’s nominee to lead the Pentagon in a defiant move likely to ...

New York Times Again Defends Chuck Hagel From Mean GOP; Plus Do Only Conservatives Feel 'Ire'?

From the start the Times has oozed sympathy for the plight of Obama's nominee for secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, warning darkly of the disappearance of congressional "comity" and ...
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New York Times Columnists Battle Over Susan Rice and Benghazi

Thomas Friedman dismissed the controversy over Susan Rice's false Benghazi statements as a "flap," but fellow Times columnist Maureen Dowd took them seriously: "Why did Rice say on ABC News’s ...
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Just in Time, NYT Discovers 'Strident' Anti-Romney Slant at MSNBC

Times media reporter Jeremy Peters: "Such stridency [from MSNBC host Rachel Maddow] has put NBC News journalists who cover Republicans in awkward and compromised positions, several people who ...
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Surprise: New York Times Actually Takes Seriously Obama 2007 Video Praising Rev. Wright (With Caveats)

In a bit of a surprise, the New York Times filed an article on a recently unearthed Obama video from 2007 showing the president in a fiery, racially charged mode, praising his anti-American ...
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New York Times' Peters Singles Out GOP Ads (Willie Horton, Swift Boat Vets) as 'Dirty Politics'

Times media reporter Jeremy Peters: "Independent groups have long been the attack dogs and provocateurs of modern politics. The ads they produce -- about a convict on furlough named Willie ...
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Fox News Only Network to Cover Fast & Furious, Holder Hearings, Obama's Biz Bash -- But They Are the Slanted One?

One network -- Fox News -- is on top of Obama administration scandals, while the other networks ignore them. Guess which network Times media reporter Jeremy Peters suggests has a political bias? 
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NYT Leads Front-Page Cheers for Obama Enthusiasm at Gay Pride Rallies

New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters led the front-page cheers for the new enthusiasm in the gay community surrounding Barack Obama's re-election campaign: "Now, campaign officials and other ...
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Ironic: New York Times Reporter Attacks 'Fox and Friends' for Partisan Slant

Ignoring the liberal slant of virtually every other media outlet, New York Times media reporter Jeremy Peters singled out the Fox News morning show Fox and Friends for partisan slant: "'Fox & ...
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Sympathy for 'the Devil': Anna Wintour 'an Engaged Politico and Valuable Asset' to Obama

Intimidating Vogue editor Anna Wintour is actually "an engaged politico and valuable asset to President Obama and his re-election effort," gushes Times political and media writer Jeremy Peters.
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