No More Mr. Nice McCain: Advisor a Rove Acolyte Spreading "False," "Fierce Attacks"

"[Steve Schmidt's] stamp was reflected in the sharp tone of the scathing prime-time speeches, all of which Mr. Schmidt reviewed and approved, and some of which were criticized as stretching the ...

Reporter Laments Loss of Old, Media-Friendly McCain

Reporter Jim Rutenberg sees charges of liberal media bias as a campaign tactic, not a genuine concern.

Times Again Glosses Over Bill Ayers' Terrorism, Attacks Ad Instead

For the third story in a row, Jim Rutenberg shrugs off Obama associate Bill Ayers' bombing of the U.S. Capitol to instead obsess over the funding of a conservative ad questioning the relationship.

Rutenberg Still Mad at Obama-Bill Ayers Ad

Reporter Jim Rutenberg is again more interested in the nefarious funding behind an ad linking Obama and homegrown terrorist William Ayers, than he is in the link itself. Plus more of the ...

How Dare Ad Link Terrorist Bill Ayers to Barack Obama

Jim Rutenberg spends the first half of his story on a new anti-Obama campaign ad obsessing over who is funding it and whether or not it's legal.

McCain Loses Civility, Spews "Inaccurate," "Misleading" Attacks on Obama

Reporter Jim Rutenberg frets over McCain's harsh attacks: "The intensity of the recent drive - which has included some assertions from the McCain campaign that have been widely dismissed as ...

Rushing to Obama's Defense Against More "Misleading" Ads By McCain

Two news stories on the same page accuse John McCain of running "misleading" ads against Barack Obama.

On "False and Misleading" Statements, Campaign Blame Falls Mainly on McCain

Jim Rutenberg: "'If the dialogue becomes too elevated, I'll have to retire,' said Brooks Jackson, the FactCheck.org director. 'So far, no danger there.' The group has had a particularly busy ...

Only Anti-Obama Videos Are Misleading?

Jim Rutenberg profiles leftist filmmaker Robert Greenwald and his cottage industry of anti-McCain videos and finds nothing amiss - yet flags two conservative producers of anti-Obama videos for ...

Rock-Star Puffery for Obama: Plus Obama vs. Cosby on Black Fathers

Remarks on black parenting that were "inflammatory" when said by Bill Cosby in 2004 are now blunt and striking when coming from Obama.
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