In 2009, ABC's Sciutto Touted Kids Saying 'Yes, We Can!' Now He's Joined the 'Yes, We Can' Team

"After 13 years with ABC News, correspondent Jim Sciutto is leaving the network and TV news. He's moving to China where he'll be Chief of Staff to U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke," TVNewser's ...

ABC Frets Obama's 'Pro-Peace Efforts & Statements' Are 'Overshadowed' by Israeli Raid

On ABC's World News, correspondent Jim Sciutto fretted that the recent Israeli naval raid will undermine President Obama's "pro-peace efforts" toward the Muslim world: "A public outpouring like ...

ABC Glamorizes German City With No Cars; Model for America?

On Saturday's Good Morning America, ABC touted a German city that has rid itself of all cars. Complimenting the citizens of Vauban, reporter Jim Sciutto cheered, "And residents don't mind one ...

ABC: Threat of Climate Change on Par with Nuclear War

'Good Morning America' explores 'Doomsday Vault' built in case of 'worst predictions of global warming.'
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