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5 Years After: 7 Worst Media Attacks on Tea Party

Journalists call group ‘terrorists,’ ‘racist,’ murderers and more.
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Emotional Anecdotes Trump Reasonable Arguments in NYT's Gun Coverage

When it comes to pushing gun control, the New York Times reliably relied on emotional outbursts over reasonable argument every time. Sheryl Gay Stolberg quoted an activist removed from the Senate ...
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Double Action: Two NY Times Columnists Embarrass Themselves on Guns in Sunday Review

Times columnist Frank Bruni goes hunting for the first time and did not wholly approve: "This country of ours makes it astonishingly easy for people to arm themselves and take aim. Is it any ...
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NYT Columnist Joe Nocera Defends Chevy Volt, Reveals His Obsession With Car Critics Fox News, Rush

The Chevy Volt is an "Ingenious" electric car, but all is not well in Volt-ville: "Yet there was also an undercurrent of nervousness at the breakfast. A reporter for Fox News had been prowling ...
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