Mother Jones' Corn Says BP Oil Spill Great for Democrats

Liberal magazine reporter explains portraying GOP as pro-BP will score Dems electoral points

ABC's Tapper: White House Hails A 'Good Week' After 'Gift' From Joe Barton

On Friday's Good Morning America on ABC, White House correspondent Jake Tapper described White House reaction to Republican Congressman Joe Barton calling BP's $20 billion escrow fund the result ...

Olbermann Slams Centrist Dems as 'Dogs,' Uses Kennedy Illness for Guilt-Trip

On Monday's Countdown show, MSNBC host Keith Olbermann delivered a "Special Comment" lambasting members of the Blue Dog Coalition. After reciting contributions received from the health care ...

Question Whether CO2 is a Pollutant and MSNBC's Schultz Calls it 'Psycho Talk'

Left-wing radio and TV host assails Rep. Joe Barton for pointing out a flaw in EPA's regulation of carbon dioxide as a pollutant.

Climate Change Skepticism Earns Congressman Olbermann's 'Worst'

MSNBC host, citing material from left-wing blog, asks the Texas congressman to repeat his skepticism when 'the sun has just lit your neighbor's roof on fire.'
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