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ABC Ignores Death of Heiress Involved in John Edwards Scandal; CBS and NBC Skip Dem ID

ABC News completely ignored the Monday death of heiress Rachel "Bunny" Mellon, who used her wealth to help conceal the mistress of former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards. CBS ...
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Disgraced Democrat John Edwards, Still Man Without a Party in New York Times

Returning to usual form, the last two Times updates from the trial of two-time Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, charged with misusing campaign money to cover up an affair, ...
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Disgraced Pol John Edwards, Man Without a (Democratic) Party in the New York Times

The New York Times' Kim Severson field two stories and a video from the campaign finance trial of John Edwards without mentioning his party affiliation. It's an omission the paper rarely commits ...
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NBC: Most See Prosecution of John Edwards As 'Waste of Taxpayer Money'

Adding to past reports defending disgraced former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards against charges of violating campaign finance laws, on Thursday's NBC Today, correspondent Lisa ...

HBO's Palin Pollution

Sarah Palin’s top aides held a conference call to denounce the forthcoming HBO movie “Game Change,” which like any ultraliberal media production, knocks Palin as a mentally imbalanced ...

Media Manic About Wage Increase

Journalists proclaim the 'good news' to viewers on ABC, CBS and CNN, skip talk of lost jobs and failed businesses.

NY Times: Poverty's a Huge Issue, Though We're Better Off Than Ever; Wealth Redistribution is Centrist Policy

NY Times Magazine devotes 21,000 words to warped economic perspective.
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