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ABC Touts Liberal Worries: 'Most Controversial' Zero Dark Thirty 'Glorifies Torture'

ABC touted the outrage liberals are now expressing over Zero Dark Thirty, complaining that the film about the hunt for Osama bin Laden "glorifies the torture of terror suspects." Sunday Good ...
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ABC Skips Occupy Connection to Terror Case, But Falsely Smeared Tea Partier as Mass Killer

ABC News, the same network which falsely linked the Tea Party to a mass killing in Colorado, on Wednesday ignored an alleged connection between Occupy Wall Street and a wealthy New York City ...
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Fear-Mongering ABC Hypes Latest Global Warming Disaster: The End of Coffee

The alarmist journalists at Good Morning America on Sunday hyped a new report that fretted over whether global warming will spell the end of coffee. Reporter John Muller warned, "...The coffee ...
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