It's OK to Be Proud of America Again

Plus John Ashcroft vs. Eric Holder & Bad Press All Bush's Fault

Ashcroft vs. Holder: A Tale of Two Vote Delays

Double standard? "Democrats...hardening their opposition" to John Ashcroft in 2001, but Senate Republicans are now "denying President Obama the chance to have a key member of his national security ...

Surprise: NYT Focuses on Eric Holder's Role in Marc Rich Pardon

Tuesday's front page has a cautionary tale on Obama's nominee for attorney general: "Mr. Holder's supporters portray him as having been a relatively uninvolved bystander caught in a Clinton-era ...

Lichtblau's Incomplete Assault on Biased "Political Hiring" at Justice

An incomplete story infused with labeling bias: While the Federalist Society is "bedrock conservative," the Council on American-Islamic Relations merely "advocates civil liberties."
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