ABC Despairs Demise of Death Tax Means 'Government Will Lose Billions in Revenue'

"Congress let renewing the estate tax slip through the legislative cracks and gone with it is $14 billion for the U.S. Treasury," ABC anchor John Berman fretted in setting up a Saturday night ...

Gibson Frets: 'Liberal Republican Gets Forced Out, What Happened to the Big Tent?'

ABC's Charles Gibson delivered the usual liberal media upset over the GOP's inadequate "big tent," asking: "A liberal Republican gets forced out of the race by a more conservative guy who was ...

'World News' Uses Sanford Scandal to Make Sexist Claim against Male Politicians

ABC News political analyst Cokie Roberts suggests male politicians wouldn't cheat 'if they were thinking with another part of their body.'

ABC Touts George Soros as a Superhero; Ted Turner Is Superman?

George Soros is a superhero along the lines of Batman and Superman? That's the comparison ABC's John Berman made on Thursday's Good Morning America. He was reporting on a closed door meeting of ...

'World News' Shills for Soda Tax to Fight Obesity

ABC segment leans toward engineering human behavior with taxes, neglects personal responsibility for drink choices.

ABC Frets Over Lewd Lyrics

John Berman talks with kids and parents about the messages in today's popular music.

Govt's 4-Day Work Week Doesn't Work

The media embrace a shorter work week without regard to taxpayers.

Left-Wing Cry of 'Revolution' More than Same Old Song

Calls for societal change show liberals want to overturn the things that made America great.
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