It's OK to Question Service Medals...Sometimes

The Times disapproved of Cpl. Pat Tillman's "patriotism-drenched memorial service" and questioned his Silver Star service medal. But the Times has never called into question Sen. John Kerry's ...

NYT Attacks Term "Swift Boating" After Years of Using It

Reporter Kate Zernike, the Times most ardent John Kerry defender, finds another front from which to launch attacks on the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

Zernike: Dishonest Charges by Swift Boat Vets "Undermined" in 2004

Reporter Kate Zernike again portrayed the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth as sleazy liars whose charges against John Kerry were "undermined" in 2004.

As Isolated POW, McCain Didn't Learn Correct Liberal Lessons from Vietnam

Matt Bai in a Sunday Magazine cover profile of McCain and his experience as a POW in Vietnam: "Whatever anger McCain felt remained focused on his captors, not on his own superiors back in Washington."

Marc Santora Rams Rudy Again

"An odd cellphone call from his wife, two rogue volunteers exploiting the memory of 9/11 to raise money, renewed questions about shifting stances on crucial domestic issues, upheaval within the ...
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