NBC's Mitchell to Republican: How Do You Justify a Tax Cut for Those Who Don't Need It?

On Tuesday's Andrea Mitchell Reports, Republican Senator Judd Gregg had to remind Andrea Mitchell that hardworking Americans' money belongs to them and not the government, after the NBC reporter ...

Senator: Obama, Congress 'Intentionally' Spending to Force Value-Added Tax Implementation

N.H. Sen. Judd Gregg tells CNBC's Larry Kudlow leaders are 'trying to run the government into the ditch' to institute European social welfare model.

Politico's Mike Allen on MSNBC: GOP 'Steamroller' Stopped, Dems 'Off the Mat'

During Wednesday's 10AM EST hour on MSNBC, Politico's Mike Allen shared his thoughts on Tuesday's electoral results: "Stop the steamroller. The idea the Republicans were automatically going to be ...

GOP Senator Rips Into MSNBC Host For 'Absurd,' 'Dishonest,' Statements

On the soon-to-be canceled 'It's the Economy' program on MSNBC on Thursday, co-host Contessa Brewer grilled Republican New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg on his calls to reduce out-of-control ...

O'Donnell Calls Senate Bailout Bill a Decorated 'Christmas Tree'

MSNBC chief Washington correspondent questions funding for alternative energy projects in rescue legislation.
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