Dems Still Making Hay Out of Unflattering NYT Profile of Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell

The DNC will release an ad to air in D.C. this weekend based on a profile of Mitch McConnell pitching the Senate minority leader as an Obama-care obstructionist.

Times Editor Mocks Conservative "Stalker" of Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers

Under the headline "Stalking William Ayers," the paper's online political editor Kate Phillips mocks a conservative blogger for asking early-70's violent radical Bill Ayers if he was Obama's ...

NYT Live: "Overseas Bashing...Mr. Cheney Really Hates Europe."

Sniping at Cheney's remarks, but remaining silent over Obama - and strangely accusing the former vice president of hating Europe.

NYT Reporter Absolutely Sure Obama's "Pig" Wasn't Palin

Covering for Democrats: Kate Phillips just knows that Obama wasn't insulting Palin with his "lipstick on a pig" remark. Back in 2006, Phillips tried to get people to stop talking about John ...

Mildly Criticizing (But Also Excusing) Unhinged Rumors of Sarah Palin's Pregnancy

Making excuses for unhinged leftist rumors: "For those who are blaming the liberal blogs in the Palin instance, the left would certainly counter and take aim at Republican blogs and Internet sites ...

Biden Not Tough Enough on Thomas, Not Nice Enough to Anita Hill?

Editor Kate Phillips: "[Biden] was widely criticized by liberal legal advocates and women's groups as having mismanaged the allegations of sexual harassment made by Ms. Hill against her former ...

Times Focuses on Sen. Jay Rockefeller's Apology, Not His Offensive Comments

Democratic Senator and Obama endorser on John McCain, heartless killer: "McCain was a fighter pilot, who dropped laser-guided missiles from 35,000 feet. He was long gone when they hit. What ...

Centering Left-Wing Blog Daily Kos While Ignoring Inconvenient Truths

Mainstreaming the Kossacks: "In fact, the online 'progressive movement' led now by people like Mr. Moulitsas, a former Republican and U.S. Army veteran, has become much more acceptable and ...

Pot, Kettle, Etc. - Times Calls Fox News "Conservative-Leaning"

The Times finds a slant at a media organization.

The "Feminist Writings" of Hateful, Vulgar Edwards' Bloggers "Deemed Anti-Catholic"

The editor of the Times political blog seems sympathetic to the offensive tag team of bloggers Marcotte and McEwan, who resigned from the Edwards campaign after their hateful posts became an issue.
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