Nets Tout Obama's 'Historic' and 'Transformational' Speech in Cairo

Thursday's network evening newscasts gave positive reviews to President Obama's Cairo speech, with NBC the most glowingly positive. NBC quoted one observer who said she got "goose pimples," and ...

CBS Decides Sotomayor No Liberal: 'Can't Be Easily Defined by Political Labels' (with video)

Bewildered where Obama's Supreme Court nominee stands. "Pundits usually label judges as either liberal or conservative, but that won't be easy with Judge Sotomayor," Katie Couric propounded before ...

Stressing Sotomayor's Life, Not Her Liberalism

ABC, CBS and NBC Toast 'Amazing' and 'Incredible' Court Nominee, Leave Labeling to 'Conservatives'

Sotomayor Prompts More 'Conservative' Than 'Liberal' Labels

Amazingly, after showing no reluctance in 2005 to describe John Roberts and Sam Alito as "conservative" or worse, the Tuesday network evening newscasts, particularly ABC and NBC, applied more ...

Couric and Schieffer Gush Over Obama's 'Dream Candidate'

Moments after President Obama announced his pick of Judge Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court, CBS's Bob Schieffer and Katie Couric enthused over what Couric called Sotomayor's "very, very ...

Dire Couric Cites Great Depression, Kids Will Be 'Lost Generation'

Katie Couric sees America through a very dark prism. On Monday, she launched a new "Children of the Recession" series, in collaboration with USA Today, with an op-ed in "the nation's newspaper" in ...

Saluting Obama's "Stupendous" 100 Days

Vol. 22; No. 10

CBS Commiserates Over Higher Bank Credit Card Fees; Ignores Gov't Takeover Threats

'Evening News' segment finds fault in bailed out banks for exercising caution over credit card lending.

Tax 'Cuts,' Tax Hikes, Media Back Obama Either Way

Cable and network news applaud Obama's stimulus bill for 'tax breaks,' but barely explain president's proposed tax hikes in the 2010 budget.
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