Prejean Slams Olbermann, Calls Out Liberal Media Double Standards on Today

Invited on Tuesday's Today show to promote her new book, Carrie Prejean defended the latest scrutiny surrounding her as the latest example of "liberal bias in the media," of "conservative women" ...

Double Standard: Olbermann Given Pass on NFL Commissioner's 'Divisive Comments' Edict

NBC 'Football Night in America' and MSNBC 'Countdown' host's 'Worst Persons in the World' segment attacks conservatives 45 times more than liberals.

Newsweek's Fineman Invokes Rahm on Health Care: Obama Not Making Use of 'Crisis Mode'

'Countdown' host Keith Olbermann suggests Congress threaten to strip insurers of antitrust exemption as punitive solution to push reform.

Olbermann: Without 'Fascistic Hatred,' Malkin Is Just a 'Mashed-Up Bag of Meat with Lipstick'

On Tuesday's Countdown show, MSNBC's Keith Olbermann spewed bile at conservative commentator Michelle Malkin, accusing her of possessing "fascistic hatred," and comparing her to a "mashed-up bag ...

Newsweek's Jonathan Alter Slams Limbaugh as 'Mullah Rush'

Rush Limbaugh for attack, on Friday's MSNBC Live. While acknowledging that "everybody agrees it was premature" to award the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama, Alter singled out the two groups ...

Glenn Beck Always "Finding Some Other Way to Infuriate Plenty of Americans"

Reporter William Yardley objects to the conservative talk show host being given the key to Mount Vernon, Wa., the city where he grew up.

Olbermann Undermines GOP Response Speaker as 'Birther' Who Was 'Sued for Malpractice'

Keith Olbermann tried to discredit Congressman Charles Boustany immediately after the Louisiana Republican finished giving the GOP response, charging he had been "sued for malpractice three ...

'Touch of Greatness' in 'Remarkable' Speech About 'Re-Branding' Obama as 'Centrist'

Favorable assessments of President Obama's speech: MSNBC's Keith Olbermann heard "a touch of greatness," on ABC, George Stephanopoulos saw "a pretty remarkable speech," NBC's Chuck Todd insisted ...
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