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87 Percent of Islamic Terror Stories Skip Threats of Ramadan Violence

ISIS and other groups called for increased violence against ‘infidels’ during Muslim holy month.
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NYT's Shear Rips Drudge, Breitbart, Accuses GOP of Racial Attacks on Rev. Wright

Times reporter Michael Shear rips into Drudge, Breitbart for reporting news: "But the issues of race and religion never go completely away, at least in some extreme quarters of the American ...

Times Overdoes It on Huckabee-Obama 'Kenya' Flap, Truncates Quote

Reporter Michael Shear's initial story on the Obama-was-raised-in-Kenya controversy, "Huckabee Questions Obama's Birth Certificate," becomes the more accurate "Huckabee Talks, Incorrectly, Of ...
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