Bartiromo Predicts Bush Tax Cuts Extended, Worries U.S. Not on the 'Ascent'

CNBC 'Closing Bell' host says Congress will continue with Bush's tax cuts; Larry Kudlow bothered by U.S. dollar carry trade.

Energy Expert: Oil to $20 a Barrel

Respected energy economist Philip Verleger makes case that oil will fall to levels not seen in over a decade.

Drilling is an Option

ABC, CBS ignore solutions to rising gas prices including new GOP energy plan.

CNBC's Kudlow Parts Ways with Network's Green Agenda, Calls Creating 'Green' Jobs 'Overrated'

'The Call' co-host launches into attack on 'pie-in-the-sky, airy-fairy thinking' of Obama White House economic policies.

Kudlow Says Pot Legalization Push is Cover for Failed Schwarzenegger Governorship

CNBC host says marijuana legalization is just a grab for revenue, not a libertarian expansion of freedom.

CBS, NBC Worry About Stock 'Plunge,' Other Media Less Frightened

CNBC, FOX and CNN offer the rest of the economic picture

The Inflation 'Monster' Under the Media's Bed

News reports warned of 'recession,' 'stagflation' as inflation 'reared its ugly head,' but drops in prices get little notice from networks.
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