Larry King to Streisand: Why Do 'Right-Winger Radio Hosts' Pick on You?

CNN's Larry King displayed his liberal slant during an interview of left-wing celebrity Barbara Streisand on his program on Wednesday, his penultimate episode before retirement. King wondered why ...

CNN Books Three Liberals to Discuss WikiLeaks, No Conservatives

CNN's Larry King provided more proof that his network does indeed "play favorites," contrary to the claim of their recent ad, by bringing on three liberals on his program on Monday to discuss ...

Michael Moore: 'Good Thing for Dems' That Conservative Dems 'Thrown Out of Office'

Appearing as a guest on Friday's Larry King Live on CNN, liberal filmmaker Michael Moore claimed that a "silver lining" for the Democratic Party in their election losses is that conservative ...

Jon Stewart on CNN: Fox News 'Wrong,' a 'Political Organization'

On Wednesday's Larry King Live on CNN, liberal comedian Jon Stewart bashed Fox News, labeling their "fair and balanced" slogan a "complete lie." Stewart also stated that he thought the network was ...

Kathleen Parker: I'm 'Slightly to the Right of Center;' Fan of Obama

On Thursday's Larry King Live, future anchor Kathleen Parker verified her tenuous conservative credentials, as she identified herself as a "conservative," but added, "a pox on everybody's house, ...

Still More Carter-Coddling

Network anchors once again bowed and scraped before Jimmy Carter as he claimed he was a better president than Reagan and he was "superior" to all the other ex-presidents in public service.

Bill Maher Mocks the Archaic Times for Failing to Reproduce His Jokes

"They never report on me, even though it would seem they should, because people who would watch my show tend to be like the same people who would read The New York Times."

Sykes Has No Remorse for 2009 Limbaugh Attack: 'He's Just a Big Bully'

Comedienne insists conservative talker just looking out for self-interest when promoting his point of view.

Michael Moore Equates WikiLeaks Source With Nuremberg Trials

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore, in a July 28 interview with CNN's Larry King, compared the suspected WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning with witnesses of Nazi atrocities testifying at Nuremberg.

Network Morning Shows Unanimously Gush Over Larry King

The morning programs of the Big Three networks all sang the praises of CNN host Larry King after he announced on Tuesday his upcoming retirement from his program, while overlooking his liberal ...
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