Go to Vegas, Meet Obama, Don't Mention Obama Criticizes Blowing Cash in Vegas

Reporter Michael Shear sounded pretty excited in his blog post about an Obama fundraising trip to Las Vegas: "Democratic Contest: Go to Vegas, Meet Obama." But Shear left out that Obama chided ...

'Some Welcome Employment News' -- At Least According To ABC

Obama Administration: 12,000 new jobs, good news. Under Bush: 56,000, not so good.

Hookers for Jesus: ABC Presents Respectful Picture of Reformed Vegas Prostitutes

Hats off to ABC for a balanced and informative segment about converted call girls who have turned to religion.

Global Warming Event Leaving Las Vegas in the Dark

Environmental group, governments partner for latest 'Earth Hour' public relations stunt.

FCC Complaint Filed Against NBC's Las Vegas

Show aired one day after Jane Fonda dropped the c-word on NBC's Today.
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