Worth's Worthless History: Arab Revolt Lacks 'Standard-Bearer' Like Lenin or Mao

Huh? Times writer Robert Worth: Arab revolution lacks "intellectual standard-bearers" like Lenin and Mao that could provide "became symbols of a people's aspirations." It's not the first time ...

Cramer Likens Bonus Outrage to Lenin in 1917: 'It's Really about Stringing Up Guys'

Wall Street complaints sparked by Dow 10K similar to what brought communist leader to power 'Mad Money' host explains.

Cramer on Obama's Anti-Wall Street Comments: 'We Heard Lenin'

'Mad Money' host compares new president's attack on corporate profits to rhetoric from Russian communist.

Will Obamanomics Spike Unemployment in 2009?

Small business owners fear higher taxes and health care mandates.
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