Times Eagerly Fronted Stolen Secrets from Wikileaks, but Climate-Gate Was Attempt to 'Undercut Scientists'

Double standards on leaks of sensitive information at the Times. The paper eagerly splashed diplomatic secrets stolen by Wikileaks on the front page, but claimed that releasing the "Climate-gate" ...

Front-Page Placement for Left-Wing Propaganda for Kids

Annie Leonard's "The Story of Stuff" portrays corporations as a bloated person sporting a top hat and with a dollar sign etched on its front. Very subtle!

Anti-Global-Warming Activist Marc Morano Gets Cold Shoulder

The Times tries to discredit anti-global-warming activist Marc Morano by linking him to some of their favorite villains: Exxon, the Swift Boat Veterans, and Richard Mellon Scaife.

Dead-Tree Hypocrisy

The Times chides Americans for their tree-killing "obsession" with soft toilet tissue: "But fluffiness comes at a price." So, how many trees have to die to churn out one million editions of the ...
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