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No 'Embarrassment' for NYT's Greenhouse, Even After 'Simply Wrong' Side Demolishes Obama-Care in SCOTUS

No "embarrassment" here: Former New York Times Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse, who called Obama-care opponents "simply wrong" about the law's unconstitutionality right before the ...
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Former SCOTUS Reporter Greenhouse Doesn't Bother With Obama-care Criticism, Questions 'Moral Compass' of Opponents

Linda Greenhouse, former New York Times Supreme Court reporter turned columnist, sneers that the constitutional arguments against the individual mandate of Obama-care are so "analytically weak" as ...
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NYT's Former Court Reporter Celebrates 'Accidental Heroines Sandra Fluke and Anita Hill vs. 'Thuggish' Rush

Former Times Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse: "Two women, a generation apart: one disrespected by the three-day rant of a thuggish talk show host, the other dissed by five members of ...
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