New DNC Head 'Youngest, Smartest, Funniest, Toughest'; Has 'Fund-Raising Prowess,' 'Legendary...Indefatigability'

Lizette Alvarez gushes over new Democratic National Committee head Debbie Wasserman Schultz, aka Superwoman: "With her trademark curls, Ms. Wasserman Schultz has long been one of the '-est' girls: ...

NYT Vs. Unjust State Spending Cuts: Florida Edition

Reporter Lizette Alvarez waxes moralistic about a small trim in unemployment benefits: "But to some here in Flagler County, where the economy rose higher but fell harder than in any other in ...

Hostile Profile of Conservative FL Gov. Rick Scott, 'Political Novice' With 'Go-It-Alone Style'

A hostile profile of conservative Florida Gov. Rick Scott faults him for not being liked by his own party. Yet the Times celebrated liberal Republican Gov. Charlie Crist for the same thing: "Rick ...

Times Sees Just One Side to Women-in-Combat Debate

Two days in a row Times coverage gave short shrift to critics who disagree with placing women in dangerous ground combat assignments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Even in NYC Valedictorians Story, It's All About Obama

Bleech: "Call them members of the Obama generation: Seven of New York City's valedictorians, invited to discuss the future - theirs, the city's, the world's - could not help circling back to ...

Times Spins Bad Economic News Out of Good Military News

Desperate young men "lured" by the military? Lizette Alvarez: "As the number of jobs across the nation dwindles, more Americans are joining the military, lured by a steady paycheck, benefits and ...

Lizette Alvarez Still Supporting the Troops

The military's full of felons, says the same reporter who smeared soldiers as criminals in a front-page report in January.

Troops Committing Domestic Violence? Another Useless Anti-Military Report

The Pentagon as social services agency? "The fatalities examined by The New York Times show a military system that tries and sometimes fails to balance the demands of fighting a war with those of ...

Others Pounce on the Times' Useless Smear of Vets as Criminals

Lack of context makes a story on murders committed by returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan both invidious and journalistically worthless.

Times Slimes U.S. Veterans with Dubious Crime Stats

The Times relies on dubious statistics about U.S. soldiers returning home and committing crimes to link the Vietnam War with Iraq.
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