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‘Big Three’ Networks Ignore White House Reversing Lobbyist Ban

On Tuesday, August 12, Politico’s Byron Tau reported how the Obama White House is planning to “reverse a key part of its ban on registered lobbyists serving in government.” Despite yet ...

Actor Kevin Spacey Defends Jack Abramoff's Generosity: 'He Gave Money to Schools'

Liberal actor playing Abramoff in film has kind words for the jailed lobbyist.

'World News' Attacks Banking Lobbyist at DNC Convention

ABC correspondent Brian Ross ignores 1st Amendment, tries to expose how legislators are 'spoon-fed.'

CNBC's Burnett: 'Ethanol Mafia is a Powerful Thing'

'Street Signs' host Burnett and 'Mad Money' host Cramer note corn lobby influence on Obama could keep gas prices high.
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